our work style:

We are laid back and blend into your event without being in the way or making the whole day feel like a photo shoot. We will be chatting it up with your guests so we’re not just that creepy person with a bunch of camera gear, and telling your mom how fab she looks in her new outfit.

 We won't overly direct you, interrupt what is naturally happening, or put you in weird awkward poses.

We also realize how important it is to whole-heartedly trust the person standing in front of you with a camera, asking you to just be yourself. We are here for you, and will enthusiastically support the two of you through this entire process. You can let your guard down around us, and just enjoy your wedding day.
Your expressions will be natural and reflect who you really are. We believe the best images are created when your personality gets to shine through an already incredible moment, and we will be right there to capture the magic.



Owner + Photographer



Hi I'm Shawnee! I'm a queer feminist photographer with a big heart and a no-fuss kinda attitude.

I've been documenting weddings for over10 years, and feel completely at home when surrounded by a ton of strangers having the time of their lives.  I live in Richmond, Virginia with my partner Brooklyn and our crew of animals.

When I'm not photographing rad folks in love, you can find me: exploring the world with friends and checking off a new destination on my travel list, photographing badass babes in my body positive boudoir studio, playing D&D and getting real nerdy, or cuddling with all my loves around the fireplace and watching Netflix. I love a good audiobook (hello Harry Potter!) and am always looking for an excuse to throw an elaborate themed party.

I want you to look back on your wedding photos and remember more than just the pretty details (but don't worry, I'll get those too). I look for the emotion in moments, and follow the action of the day - from the nervous excitement, to the overwhelming joy during your first look, and all the people you love so much in one place dancing their hearts out (I’ll be right there on the dance floor with them!). 

I support and appreciate all kinds of relationships and celebrations, and will travel wherever your ideal moment will be taking place.
Let’s make some magic together! 🖤





Hi babes, I’m Carly! I love love. When I photograph your wedding day, I experience the overwhelming, exalting, glorious abundance of two people in love. It feeds my heart and through photography, I celebrate, create, and foster more love in the world.

My motto is “I give a fuck.” I champion the diversity of love. I work hard to cultivate a trusting and fun relationship with my couples. I am a guide, helping two people navigate a happy and sometimes bonkers day. I encourage my couples to celebrate the details of their day, whether it's raining, the flowers are wrong, or there’s a wild family member. It’s all a part of their story. I put my everything into creating wedding photographs that show real moments from your day, moments that transform into heirlooms for you and your family.

I have the laid back vibe of a Californian with the hustle of a New Yorker. My hugs are legendary and I get shit done. I love bright colors, huge roller coasters, and perfect hi5s. I photographed my first wedding in 2009 and I love it more each year.

I live in sunlit Los Angeles with my partner and a snaggletooth street cat named Penny. When I’m not photographing humans in love, you can find me scuba diving with squid, making art in a Nevada desert, or right here in LA discovering the magic in gold spray paint, smoke bombs, and googly eyes 😀





Hi y’all, I’m Julie! I’m a weirdo, all about that positive mental attitude, and loving those around me whole-heartedly!

I live in Richmond, Virginia with my pug Nola! When I’m not photographing awesome couples you will find me: out taking pictures at the punk/metal/bluegrass/rockabilly shows, roller skating and bowling with my friends, snuggled up with Nola, or going on some type of adventure. I’m a sucker for roadside attractions, and always ready to plan my next cross country trip.

I’m passionate about storytelling, and creating beautiful and unique images that fully capture all the emotion and action of your wedding day. From the smallest detail to the craziest dance party, I’ll be right there with you. I want you to be able to look back at your photos and be reminded of all the love, excitement, and passion you felt on that day!

I love getting to know my clients! I like to develop a stronger bond than just being another service provider on your wedding day. Things sometimes get hectic, but having a photographer that you are comfortable around and can trust (and also have a blast with) makes it that much more enjoyable! I’m a lover of love and can honestly say I have the raddest job in the world!

I can’t wait to create with you! Stay Posi ✌🏻





Hi there! I’m Justin, the guy always behind the lens (and occasionally on the dance floor).

I live in NYC but am always up for traveling to work with wonderful folks. When I’m not photographing weddings you can probably find me at a local drag performance, catching the latest broadway show, or on a trip to Disneyland with my wonderful husband.

Joy is what motivates my work. I’m here for hearty belly laughs, outrageous dance moves, and quiet sweet moments. I want for you to look back at your wedding photos for years to come, and remember all the love that surrounds you, and how much fun everyone had!

I’m slightly obsessed with campy horror films and drag performers, and will forever be belting out showtunes in the shower.

I can’t wait to work with you! 🌈


Studio Manager



Hello friends! I’m Alison, the behind-the-scenes babe for Shawnee and CO living in Richmond, Virginia. I’m just your typical type A perfectionist here to make sure everything is looking good from our Instagram feed to your wedding album. The hardest part of my job is picking out only a handful of photos from your day to be featured on the blog because wowza, our couples are the cutest!  

When I’m not turning 1s and 0s into emails and blog posts, I spend my free time watching embarrassing reality TV, splashing around in the James River, playing Pokémon and eating delicious vegan comfort food. 🌹


Things that make us ridiculously happy:

Feminist weddings

Non-gendered wedding parties

Fun vibrant colors

Creating our own traditions

Exploring new cities

A really good hug

Breaking it down to the hits


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