New York City Weddings have a life of their own, and I'm always happy to travel up to The Big Apple, especially when I get to work with such amazing and driven couples as Amanda & Joel. These two met in a running club, and appropriately ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon the morning of their wedding with 55 of their guests. They then got ready together at home, and took a taxi over to their gorgeous venue The Greenpoint Loft in Brooklyn. 
Amanda and Joel incorporated so many unique rituals into their celebration. Joel's father comes from Chinese heritage where tea is important, and Amanda's parents hail from Georgia where tea is also important (iced tea). The tea ceremony involved them serving tea to both sets of parents. Joel's parents were served Chinese tea, and Amanda's parents were served southern iced tea. Joel's mom is from Guatemala, and there is a tradition of lassoing the bride and groom together during the ceremony, so this was incorporated right before they read their vows.
I left Amanda & Joel's wedding feeling energized even after a full day of running around the city. There was so much love and giddiness in the air, and everyone was just so thrilled to support these two on their next adventure together.