Y'all. I don't know how many variations of the word INCREDIBLE I'll be able to come up with to describe Dana & Sierra's summer wedding in Cape Cod Massachusetts, but I'm gonna try my hardest to put into words how stunning and perfect everything was. They rented an old family home on The Cape, and stayed for a whole weeks with their families and friends. Walking through the house you could feel the years of memories created, and Dana & Sierra were adding their own wonderful moments to the property's history.

Including your dog in your wedding party is a fast way to win everyone over, but these two pulled out all the stops. Everything about D&S's celebration was heartfelt and meaningful, and I had to hold back the tears multiple times during the day. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, and I just wanted to hug everyone around me. I think all their guests felt the exact same way.

SWOON! So happy for you Dana & Sierra!
I wish you two all the best on your future adventures, and thank you for including me in such a rad day!

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