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  1. Check the calendar below to make sure your date is available The greyed out dates are already booked
  2. Fill out the inquiry form. It takes a few minutes, but trust me, its worth it!
  3. You'll get a response within 24 hours. Seriously, 'cause waiting around is the worst. Unless I'm sleeping or at a wedding I'll be writing you back pronto.
  4. You lock in your date with a $1000 retainer and a simple online booking proposal. Easy and stress-free, log in and view your contract and package at anytime
  5. I'm there to support you through planning and details. With lots of encouragement and helpful tips to make your wedding flawless
  6.  We get to party it up on your wedding day and create some magic together. I cannot wait to see y'all looking fancy and celebrating your love for each other!

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Date of Event
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