Love Yrself

A day of radical self-care and affirmation for everyone and every body.


This day is for you. Come celebrate the beautiful goddess you are and leave feeling absolutely fucking fabulous. This is an event for us to all build each other up, and remind ourselves and those around us how important and wonderful we truly are. 

We will sit around and sip on mimosas, compliment each other, dance around to music, and take some photos that make you feel sexy AF.



  • I'm pretty shy/reserved and am not sure how I would feel about taking photos in front of other people, can I take photos on my own without the rest of the group around?

    Absolutely! When it comes time for your photo session, if you prefer to be one-on-one with the photographer that is totally an option. Everyone has a different comfort level, and there will be no judgement regarding your individual preference.
  • Will the photos we take remain private?

    You will have the option to allow me to use your photos to promote later events like this focused around body positivity and self-love, but you will also have the option to keep your photos private. Photos will be delivered in a secure password protected gallery, and will never be shared or distributed for promotional material without your permission.
  • Do I have to be naked for these photos?

    The degree of clothing you wear or don't wear during your session is completely up to you! These photos are meant to empower you to feel fabulous & sexy, and that has a different meaning for each person.
  • What should I bring? Will you be providing clothing/lingerie?

    There will be accessories for use during your session, but you should bring your own clothing and lingerie items if needed.

What's Included

  • Professional hair and makeup so you're looking extra fly
  • Boozy drinks so you can kick back and cut loose
  • Light snacks to help you feel great and soak up that booze
  • Background jams to keep things fun. No awkward silence allowed here!
  • Accessories and fun props to incorporate into your photos
  • A self-care corner filled with things to relax and pamper yourself during the day.
  • 30 minute portrait session
  • A minimum of 25 hand edited images of your glorious self. Delivered in a password protected gallery, with hi-res downloads and printing rights.
I adored this shoot. Shawnee made me feel so comfortable. She was encouraging, supportive, and fun! I had an awesome time despite being really nervous before we started - and on top of all that, I think the photos are stunning. She managed to capture what makes me ME. She was flexible and creative, using a small space with limited light to make some really cool photos. I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.
— emma k


Sunday March 26, 2017
10 am - 6 pm

Richmond, VA

How much:
Donation of $100

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all proceeds from this event will be donated to the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

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Preferred Time
Preferred Time
We will do our best to accommodate a time-slot that works with your schedule. Start time will be when your hair/makeup starts. Please allow at least 2 hours from start to finish.
Applying for scholarship?
We have one scholarship available for someone who really wants to participate, but can't afford the donation cost.
You can also use this space to ask any questions you might have.

A huge thank you to our sponsors who are so graciously donating their time, skills, and merchandise to make this event possible!