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Photo by Jamie Thrower // Studio XIII Photography

Photo by Jamie Thrower // Studio XIII Photography

Hi I'm Shawnee! I'm a queer feminist photographer with a big heart and a no-fuss kinda attitude.

I've been documenting weddings for 10 years, and feel completely at home when surrounded by a ton of strangers having the time of their lives.  I live in Richmond, Virginia with my partner Brooklyn and our crew of animals.

When I'm not photographing rad folks in love, you can find me: roaming the states in our campervan and checking off a new destination on my travel list, playing D&D and getting real nerdy, or cuddling with all my loves around the fireplace and watching Parks & Rec for the millionth time.

My work style:

I'm laid back and blend into your event without being in the way or making the whole day feel like a photo shoot. I'll be chatting it up with your guests so I'm not just that creeper with a bunch of camera gear, and telling your mom how fab she looks in her new outfit.

 I won't overly direct you, interrupt what is naturally happening, or put you in weird awkward poses.

Your expressions will be natural and reflect who you really are. I believe the best images are created when your personality gets to shine through an already incredible moment, and I'll be right there to capture the magic.

Photo by Jamie Thrower // Studio XIII Photography

Photo by Jamie Thrower // Studio XIII Photography

you want to look amazing, but also like yourself.
I've got you covered.

Photo by Sandy Swagger

Photo by Sandy Swagger

I want you to look back on your wedding photos and remember more than just the pretty details (but don't worry, I'll get those too).  I look for the emotion in moments, and follow the action of the day - from the nervous glances, to the overwhelming joy during your first look, and all the people you love so much in one place dancing their hearts out. 

I support and appreciate all kinds of relationships and celebrations, and will travel wherever your ideal moment will be taking place.

Travel is included in every single package.

Blaze your own path, and I’ll be right there cheering you on along the way.

Do you think I'm the photographer for you? Head over to the contact form and tell me all about your love story!


Things that make me ridiculously happy:

Sour Patch Kids

Parks & Rec anything

Feminist Weddings

Pit bull smiles

Themed Parties (please give me an excuse to dress up)

exploring new cities

really well-made cocktails

breaking it down to the hits

Photo by Ana Gambuto

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